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General Information

All degree programs at the Europa-Universität Flensburg must be applied for online via the EUF homepage.
Exception:  The Master’s degree programs "European Studies" and "Energy and Environmental Management for Developing Countries" have their own separate application procedures. If you wish to apply to one of these programs, please click on the name of the program above for more information.

If you notice a mistake in your completed application or decide to apply to a different degree program after submitting your first online application, you must start a new online application procedure from the beginning. This is possible even if you have already sent in your application documents. Once you have completed the new application procedure, you will receive a copy of your new application form with a new application number. As a rule, only your most recent application (the one that the Admissions Office received last) will be considered during the admissions process.

All applicants must apply online via the online application portal, even international applicants and admitted students who wish to change their subject or degree program at EUF.

There is only ONE online application process procedure for all degree programs offered at Europa-Universität Flensburg. Click here to enter the online application portal.

When you begin your application, make sure to check start page of the online application portal to see whether the database is open. The database must be open (activated) for your application to be valid. Online applications submitted before the database has become active will not be considered!

IMPORTANT: For degree programs with restricted admissions, only one application per applicant is allowed. If you submit more than one application, only your most recent application will be considered. For degree programs without admissions restrictions, there is no limit to the number of applications you may submit.

Online application procedure

Online application procedure

During the online application process, you must enter all of the required data before printing out the application form. This printed form will show your individual application number, your contact address, and your chosen degree program. In addition, you will receive up to two additional pages explaining the most important next steps with regard to the application procedure. Please pay special attention to this information! If your fail to provide all of the required application documents, your application will not be considered. Send your printed application form, together with all other required documents for your chosen degree program (see below) by surface mail to the EUF Admissions Office. The postal address is already pre-printed on your application form. Your application documents must be received by the EUF Admissions Office no later the last day of the official application period. Note: It does not matter whether your application is received on the first or the last day of the official application period. All complete applications received within the official application period will be considered.

ATTENTION: The university is not obliged to inform you if your application is deemed invalid due to missing documents. You must obtain this information from the applicant portal. The printed application form that you receive after completing the online application will show your personal login coordinates for the online application portal. You can log into the portal after completing your application to check the status of your application. Normally, two to three days after your application has been received by the Admissions Office, the portal will indicate whether any applicant documents still need to be submitted by you. Please note that all missing or incorrect documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

Please do not send unsolicited documents. These do not improve your chances of admittance and are immediately destroyed due to space limitations.

Troubleshooting errors in the online application process

Troubleshooting errors in the online application process

If, after printing your application, you see that you made a mistake or decide to apply for a different degree program, or if you forgot to print out the application, you must repeat the online application. In this case, you will receive a new application number. This new number is the only valid number for your application. Your previous application data will not be considered.

Your application only becomes "active" once EUF has received the paper copy of your application form with the application number indicated on it. All other applications stored the database under your name are inactive and will not be considered. It is completely irrelevant how many application numbers you have in the database.

Required documents

Required documents

The additional documents that must be submitted together with your printed application form depends on your chosen degree program. A detailed list of the required documents for each EUF degree program can be found under the tab "Information Sheets And Resources".

Important information

Important information

Your application must be received by EUF within the application period in order to be considered valid. The postmark date is irrelevant. Responsibility for timely receipt of the application lies exclusively with the applicant or the persons authorized by him/her.

Because selection takes place immediately after the application period has closed, none of the documents essential to this process may be submitted after the application deadline. Please be sure to send your documents well in advance of the deadline, so that you have enough time to submit any missing or incorrect documents before the application deadline.

To complete an incomplete application, simply send the missing or incorrect documents to the Admissions Office. These documents will then appear in the application portal under your application number. Remember to check the application portal two to three days after the Admissions Office has received your materials, to see whether your documents have actually arrived and your application is valid.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. In such cases, the applicant must wait one year to reapply.

Contact Person

Admissions Office

B.A. Bildungswissenschaften
B.A. International Management

All other degree programs

Dierk Hansen
Phone: +49 (461) - 805 - 2772
Room: HEL 017

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Mo: 11:00 - 12:00 hrs
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Tue: 11:00 - 13:00 hrs
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