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(Final) enrollment after tentative admission

Please note that the specific information in your letter of admission is authoritative for the deadlines. The deadlines stated here generally apply but may be changed in your letter of admission. 

Applicants for a master’s program at Europa-Universität Flensburg who do not have a bachelor’s degree yet when they apply will receive tentative admission.

By 11/01 (for admission to the fall semester) or 05/01 (for admission to the spring semester), all students who are tentatively admitted must submit proof of a successfully and completely completed bachelor’s degree program (print out, not by email) to the Admissions Office (HELSINKI building, room HEL 011) WITHOUT BEING REQUESTED TO DO SO.

The following is accepted as proof

a) a bachelor certificate (with the grade and examination date) or
b) an official certificate from the examination office

In the following, you can find more information for graduates from our university and graduates from other universities.

As already stated in the letter of admission, admission lapses by the end of the day on 11/01 or 05/01 if proof is not submitted in a timely manner. Loss of your study place is irreversible.

Proof can be put into the PO box (HELSINKI building, No. 18 or 19). You do not have to submit it in person.

Graduates from Europa-Universität Flensburg

Graduates from Europa-Universität can submit the following documents as proof of their completed bachelor’s degree program:

1. A simple copy of the bachelor certificate OR

2. A printout of the confirmation of your B.A. degree from Studiport, (NOW) without a signature and stamp

This is a new document that you can find in Studiport under the menu "My functions" and "Degree program management." 
This document (a BA degree certificate as a PDF file) is generated by the examination system as soon as your degree is successfully verified by the SPA. The document is NOT displayed until you have applied for your certificate and the SPA has made verification.

You will receive this document BEFORE your degree documents are handed out.

Screenshot Studiport "new Examination document"

Graduates from other universities

Graduates from other universities can submit the following documents for final enrollment:

1. An officially certified copy of their B.A. certificate.
The submitted document must contain the completed program, the examination date and the final grade. It is also possible to submit a simple copy to the Admissions Office and to bring along the original for verification.


2. An original copy of the official confirmation from the examination office at your university. This certificate must state that the program was completely and successfully completed. The examination date and the final grade are also required.

If the confirmation listed under no. 2. is submitted, the certificate as described under Item 1. must be immediately submitted as soon as it has been handed out.

AATTENTION: The documents listed here must be submitted at the Admissions Office in paper form. Electronic transmission (email) is not possible.