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Please don't execute the online-application before the official date of start (15.06.).


Admission office

Mr. Dierk Hansen
Phone:   +49 461 805 2772 
Fax:   +49 461 808 952772

Consultation hours

Mo and Fr: 09:15 - 12:00 
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Building:   HELSINKI
Room:   HEL 017
Street:  Auf dem Campus 1
Post code/City: 24943 Flensburg

Apply | Doctoral studies

Among the following menu items, information relevant for an application to the Ph. D. program can be found.

Application Period

Application dates

The following application periods apply: 

a) Winter Semesters

Application begin: 15.05.
Application end: 15.11.

b) Summer Semesters

Application begin: 01.12.
Application end: 01.05.

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

The main application requirement for the Ph.D. Programme is a postgraduate degree (Master).

All foreign degrees must be checked by the Ph.D. committee of the University because not all foreign Master degrees will be accepted for the Ph.D. Programme in Germany.

Before application you must have been accepted as a postgraduate by the "Ph.D. Committee.
Please first of all contact the Committe.

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

To participate in the selection process, prospective students must first complete the online application procedure. A parallel application to the Foundation for Higher Education Admission (DoSV) or uni-assist is not required.

The specified application documents, outlined in the application information leaflet (which the applicant, after printing the application form at the end of the online application procedure will be explicitly reminded of again), must be received by the admissions office of the Europa Universität Flensburg, in the specified format, together with the application form, by the application deadline. Only the date of receipt, not the date of the postmark, will be taken into consideration. Documents arriving after the end of the application period will not be reviewed.

Please note that only completely filled out application documents can be used during the selection process. A filing of documents after the deadline is not possible, because immediately after the end of the application period the selection process begins.

Online Application

Online Application

In order to participate in the selection process for any of the degree programs offered by the Europa Universität Flensburg, every applicant must complete the online application process. This applies to both open admissions and restricted admissions degree programs, as well as applications to a higher semester or second degree applications.

The online application process replaces completing extensive paper applications, because all required data can simply be entered online, through any device with an internet connection. The applicant will only require a printer at the end of the process in order to print the application form. Alternatively, the completed application form can also be saved on any medium as a PDF so it can be printed at a later time. It is highly recommended to save the PDF file, before printing to avoid any loss of information!

The completing of the online application form is just the first step in the application process. On the ‘to-be-printed’ online application form, the applicant will find a link to the application information leaflet, which reiterates what other required documents should be submitted together with the printed online application form to the Admissions Office by the application deadline.

Along with the application form the applicant will receive more information about the next steps in the procedure. Of upmost importance is the login information for the online application portal, access to which will allow the applicant to review the status of their application. In the online application portal, the applicant can see if their application has been received and whether it is complete or missing documents. Please note that any missing documents must be submitted, before the application deadline. It is therefore advisable that applicants submit any missing documents as quickly as possible. 

Admissions decisions are not published on the online portal. Both acceptance letters and rejection letters alike will be mailed to the address provided during the online application process. A change of address during the selection process is therefore, not possible, so please enter an address where the applicant will be available and, in case the applicant is moving, do not forget to leave a forwarding address with the post office until the applicant has received his or her letter.