Program schedule

Phase 1: Summer School 

The ProRef program begins with the Summer School in July. During this first phase, the participants have the opportunity to refresh their language skills in German at level B1+ or B2 and English at B1+. In addition, introductory courses consisting of four key competence modules (methodological competence, social and self-competence, cultural competence, media and IT competence) are held.

Phase 2: Fall Semester

The fall semester starts in mid-September with four-month language courses in German at level B2 or C1 and English at B2. There will also be advanced courses from the four key competence modules and a mid-term exam.

Phase 3: Winter School

The Winter School starts in January with two-month German courses at level B2 or C1 and an English course at level B2. Further courses from the four key competence modules will be continued.

Phase 4: Spring Semester

In addition to the four-month German language courses at level B2/C1 and the English language course at level B2/C1, there are further courses from the four key competence modules. The spring semester completes the ProRef program with a final exam.  

The courses of phases 2-4 provide a qualification for all German, English or bilingual courses at the EUF, but also for courses at other universities. 

PowerPoint presentation with audio commentary for the program round 2020/21

Detailed overview of the ProRef Program (2021-2022)

ProRef program

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