Europe Week 2019

Last Tuesday the 7th of May marked the beginning of Europe week at EUF. There were numerous events organized in order to celebrate the values of the European Union. Among these events, some were organized by the students of the B.A. EUCS and by the International Office of the university.

The program’s participation began with undergraduates and members of the Student Union: Stella, Katia and Cayen creating a stand in the foyer of the Helsinki building to discuss the importance of the upcoming European Elections. They created a poster where fellow students and staff could write which European values were important to them and why. They wanted to display the reasoning behind people’s decision to vote in the upcoming election. The main aim of this stand was to raise awareness and get more students and members of faculty to vote in the European Elections. 

Across the hall the international Office instilled a board where students could write something in their native languages. Over the week there was also short language taster classes so that students could learn a few words in languages such as Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many other languages. Students were also given a brief introduction to the culture of the language that they chose.

On Thursday and Friday Patrícia and her Student Hiwi Daniel attended a careers fair in the Flens Arena where they got to meet prospective students of the program. During the careers fair Patrícia and Daniel explained to students what European Cultures and Society is all about and the fantastic opportunities it provides. Over the course of the two days Patrícia and Daniel ended up talking to roughly 25 students.

Overall, the week was very successful as future students got to learn about our program and current students got to understand what is great about being a part of a European Culture and Society.

All the other events that took place during the Europe Week at EUF can be found here: