Hanna Kieschnick

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Gebäude Tallinn 1
TAL 106
Auf dem Campus 1b
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg


Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES)
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Academic Background

Hanna Kieschnick is a research fellow in the research project "Paradoxes of EU Free Movement of Persons. Preference Formation Processes for and against European Integration" and a doctoral candidate at the European University Flensburg. Her dissertation deals with changing attitudes of collective actors from EU countries of origin of migration towards different dimensions of the EU integration process.

Hanna Kieschnick studied European Studies at Syddansk Universitet in Sønderborg (Denmark). She then studied for a Master's degree in International Politics and International Law at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, where she was also employed as a research assistant. Her master's thesis focused on the impact of social movements and protest moments on agenda setting in international institutions. 

Her research interests concern the dynamics of the EU integration process, institutional change and party systems, possibilities for action and political potentials of non-state actors, and critical perspectives on political-economic processes.