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At the Department of Pluralist Economics we study economic phenomena from the perspective of different paradigms and with distinct methods. We give our best to practice the ideal of pluralist economics in both research and teaching. While we are aware that a pluralistic approach to research comes with particular challenges, we are also convinced that the most pressing problems of our time can only be addressed by triangulating different research approaches, making a pluralist approach necessary.

In the near future, we will provide further information on our understanding of plural economics here. Until then, we refer to the following publications, in which we discuss selected aspects of pluralist economics:

-        The Complexity of Economies and Pluralism in Economics [Article] [Accepted Manuscript]

-        Pluralism in economics: its critiques and their lessons [Article] [Blog]

-        Kritik an der Pluralen Ökonomik – Was ist dran and warum ist das wichtig [Blog (German)]


Prof. Dr.Claudius Gräbner-Radkowitsch

Head of Department

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