You decide how you want to be involved in the project and therefore also the amount of time you spend with it. From providing support at events to independently organizing individual events - there are no limits to your creativity!

o An invitation to participate

→ We can always use support at our brainstorming meetings, where we talk about upcoming events. To get an impression of our team and our work, you are always welcome to drop by our meetings or even our events. We look forward to seeing new faces!

→ The simple answer to this question is no, you don’t. Basically, we deal thematically with going abroad—whether you want to support us with your expertise or embark on a stay abroad yourself is up to you.

o What are the different formats?

→ "Staying abroad" doesn’t only mean doing a semester abroad - there are many different formats. For example, you can participate in excursions, summer schools and winter schools, or internships. Stay-abroad options also differ in their time frame; an excursion can last one day, a summer school one week, an internship one to six months. You choose the format that is right for you.

o Are stays abroad only possible at the participating partner universities?

No. Stays abroad are basically possible at ALL of Europa-Universität Flensburg’s partner universities, as well as at other universities abroad. However, this requires more self-organization on your part!

→ The project offers you many different opportunities to gain new experiences, to learn, and can also be your stepping stone to going abroad!

For example, will it give me any advantages when applying to go abroad, or when applying for scholarships?

→ Committed students who apply for a DAAD scholarship within the project increase their chances of receiving one of the coveted places. After all, it's great for the university when young people go abroad and come back with new experiences – and, ideally, also bring these new experiences back to everyday life at the university. Everyone benefits from your new knowledge and experiences!

→ On the one hand, DAAD scholarships are awarded through the Europa-Universität Flensburg. In addition, there are countless other scholarships - the International Center will be happy to advise you!

Do I have to compete with many other students for places at certain partner universities?

→ Some partner universities are more popular than others, for different reasons. This can create situations where there are many applications for a university, but only a few places. In such cases, unfortunately even students who have submitted a great application must be rejected. So sometimes it’s worth it to have the courage and go to a university abroad for which according to experience comparatively fewer students tend to apply. Such a choice gives you the chance to take a different path for a change – and as we all know, the road less travelled holds out the most adventures!

Will I receive credit for attending workshops?

→ Workshops of various kinds are currently in planning. Whether participants in these workshops can credit points is still being clarified. Basically, if it is possible for you to receive credit points for workshops, we will inform you in good time.

→ For us, the most interesting thing is why students decide for or against a stay abroad. So your opinion is needed! Please help us out by taking part in the written surveys that we conduct. Your feedback will enable us to make the right study abroad offerings for you.

Is it also possible to gain international experience right here in Flensburg?

→ YES! Various events are planned that create international encounters without requiring you to travel to another country. Take a look at the menu item "Events" to find out about current or future events.

As an International Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to take part in various thematic workshops that deal with internationalization and forms of international mobility. You can also become active yourself and bring your own ideas to various projects in order to help make real the vision of Partners in Mobility. You will be involved in the project work here on-site in Flensburg, as well as with the partner universities, for example by participating in meetings with representatives from partner universities and attending excursions with students from those universities. You can find more information about this under the menu item "International Ambassador".

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