Classroom Response System: "Klicker"

The MeQS project provides lecturers with access to a Classroom Response System (CRS) with 50 hand-held transmitters ('clickers') . This system enables course participants to vote or answer mutliple choice questions that are either prepared or spontaneous. The anonymous responses can be recorded, processed - straightaway or at a later date -  and then displayed.

Students can also borrow the system for use in classes.

Advantages of a CRS

  • The lecturer can receive immediate feedback from the students and ascertain whether they have correctly understood the provided information. Clarification or repetition of information can be provided is necessary.
  • Students can get the results of in-class exercises before the end of the session so that they do not have to wait until the next session.
  • Students are active players and can actively influenece the progression of the session.
  • Students's learning is improved through their active participation.

For further information see a short list of instructions or a more detailed presentation from the manufacturer.

  • User manual (PDF) and presentation of the producer (PDF).

The "Klicker" can be earmarked and collected with a forerun of 14 days at the office of the presidium of the EUF:

Nicole Tobian

Nicole Tobian

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