Instagram Video Contest 2019

Show your experience at EUF/in Flensburg!

Why here?

What do you love at EUF?

Why should other students come here?


Step 1 - Shoot your video and if you add music make sure you have the rights for it.
Step 2 - Save your video so if you win you can share it with us.
Step 3 - Post your video on your personal Instagram account using #studyinflensburg and #EuropaUniFlensburg as hashtags.
Step 4 - Fill out the online entry form and enter the contest. The video with the highest number of "Likes" is the winner. The photo/video content must not be offensive, present nudity, obscenity or violence nor promote drugs, etc.
Competition deadline 1st of Juli 2019 - 11:59am German time.

The winner will be announced during the Fall Semester 2019 (@ The Fall Celebration)


1st Prize Saturn voucher 200€
2nd Prize Saturn voucher 100€
3rd Prize Saturn voucher 50€


instagram: @eufvideocontest