"Le verbe 'aimer' est le plus compliqué de la langue. Son passé n’est jamais simple, son présent n’est qu’imparfait et son futur toujours conditionnel." Jean Cocteau

Intensive Course French A1

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Spring semester 2020
Language Course
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Mo. - Fr.9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Intensive course17/02 - 06/03/20TRO 205
FridayExam06/03/2020TRO 205



The French A1 course is suitable for participants with no previous knowledge. It is primarily about teaching the first basic knowledge of the French language. The topics covered in the course as well as the teaching-learning activities are covered in the textbook "Perspectives Allez-y ! A1" (see below). The course is also based on the communicative and intercultural method.
The four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) at level A1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) are acquired/trained on the basis of everyday conversation topics and situations (greetings and introductions, drinks and orders, likes and dislikes, work and professions, hobbies, transport, family and personal relationships, tourism, restaurants and cuisine, landscapes). Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are taught using different types of exercises and teaching methods.
Active participation in the course as well as independent learning outside class hours (homework, vocabulary and grammar work, etc.) are prerequisites for successful completion of the course. An exam is written on the last day of class.
The language course is designed in such a way that participants complete level A1 in two weeks. In the following semester, the French A2 or A2.1 course can be taken.


Please bring the following books on the first day of class:

Perspectives - Allez-y !   A1

Kurs- und Übungsbuch mit Lösungsheft und Vokabeltaschenbuch
Inkl. komplettem Hörmaterial (3 CDs) und Video-DVD

ISBN 978-3-06-520176-6


Unfortunately this course is already booked out. Registration is not possible anymore.