German Refresher course

Lecture number
Spring semester 2018
Language Course
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Mon-Fri10:00-14:00intensive course27.08.-07.09.2018Building Helsinki- HEL 064


  • Angela Felix


Target group:

The 2-week intensive "German Refresher Course A2/B1" is for students with solid basic or advanced knowledge of German, who wish to prepare themselves for joining a B2 course in the semester. This implies that you already have successfully completed the B1 level.

Course content and duration:

We will rehearse grammar and vocabulary of the beginner and intermediate levels (A2-B1) and train the different skills (listening comprehension, speaking, writing and reading comprehension). Moreover, you will get advice how to expand your vocabulary. Topics are chosen from the book "DaF kompakt neu A1-B1" in accordance with the needs of the students.

The course comprises 40 hours of attendance. Attendance is compulsory. If you wish to receive a certificate of attendance, you may not miss more than 12 hours of class (30%). You have to expect an additional 40 hours of work for homework and your own vocabulary work.

Regular and active participation is a prerequisite for successful completion of the course. This also requires the completion of homework in order to continue practicing and consolidating what has been learned in the classroom.


Please bring the following book on your first day of class:

  • DaF kompakt Neu A1-B1, Kursbuch mit MP3-CD, ISBN: 978-3-12-676310-3 - or
  • DaF kompakt Neu A1-B1, interaktive Tabletversion, ISBN: 978-3-12-676300-4


Unfortunately this course is already booked out. Registration is not possible anymore.