Intensive Course Swedish A1 - ONLINE

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Autumn semester 2021
Language course
Maximum number of participants


Mon. - Fri.9 am - 12 pm06. - 17.09.2021ONLINE - webex


  • Theresa Maas


Language of instruction: German and Swedish

This course is aimed at participants with no previous knowledge of Swedish. The main objective is to teach the first basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

We learn the basics in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, which are sufficient for a small conversation.

After the course, participants will be able to introduce themselves in Swedish, talk about their everyday life and leisure activities, do everyday things such as shopping in Swedish and pronounce everything correctly in the furniture store.

The language course is designed so that participants complete level A1 according to the European Framework of Reference in two weeks.

The course is an online course and combines face-to-face teaching phases on Webex with self-learning phases. The face-to-face teaching is essential for individual learning progress, especially pronunciation and listening comprehension, and the group experience in the course. The self-study phase enables and encourages learning according to one's own methods and time management. The assessment basis for passing the course is a portfolio, which is created during the course. 

You will receive the invitation to Webex by mail before the first day of class.


Please have the following textbook available from the first date of the online course:

Javisst! aktuell A1+ Der Schwedischkurs, Kursbuch + Arbeitsbuch + Audio-CD

ISBN 978-3-19-105405-2