"Livet er det dejligste Eventyr." Life is the most beautiful adventure. (Hans Christian Andersen)


Intensive Course Danish A1 - ON CAMPUS (+online)

Lecture number
Autumn semester 2021
Lnaguage course
Maximum number of participants


Mon. - Fri.9 am - 3 pm30.08. - 10.09.2021HEL 162


  • Matthis Witt


Language of instruction: German and Danish

The course Danish A1 is suitable for participants without previous knowledge.

The main focus is on the first basic skills of the Danish language.

Using everyday conversation topics and situations (greetings and introductions, nationality and language, food and drink, travel, addresses and numbers), basic knowledge of Danish grammar and vocabulary is taught. In the development of word fields we mainly deal with the following topics: Presentation of the person and making people known (name, nationality, profession or course of study, place of origin, family), hobbies and interests. The grammar focuses on personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, interrogative particles, interrogative words and nominal sentences.

The language course is designed so that participants complete level A1 in two weeks. In the following semester, the course Danish A2.1 or A2 can be taken.

The course book covers chapters 1 to 10.

Classes are held online via webex on Tuesdays and Fridays. You will receive the link to the course room on the first day of class (in presence) from your course instructor.


You will need the following books for the online sessions:

1. Dansk for dig new (A1-A2). Textbook with 2 audio CDs, ISBN: 978-3-12-528971-0 (newer edition) and
2. Dansk for dig new (A1-A2). Exercise book + mp3s as download, ISBN: 978-3-12-528972-7