Lecture number
Autumn semester 2022
Language course
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Day Time Frequency Duration Room
Mon. 4 - 6 pm weekly 12.09.2022 - 09.01.2023 Trondheim 1 - TRO 107


Language of instruction: German

The Russian A1.1 course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Russian.

Step by step, students learn the Cyrillic alphabet and the basics of Russian grammar (genus of nouns, personal pronouns, conjugation types of verbs). The focus of the course is on active speaking and comprehension (greetings, introductions, nationality, etc.) so that simple everyday situations can be mastered in the target language. The following topics are covered in this course:

-Description of a person and introduction of people (name, nationality, profession, hobbies).
-Family (family members)
-Housing situation (indicating place of residence, giving details of location)

The course takes place once a week. It is designed so that participants complete the first sub-level (A1.1) according to the European Framework of Reference in one semester.

The course book covers chapters 1 to 4.

Regular and active participation is a prerequisite for successful completion of the course. Homework is also required in order to further practice and consolidate what has been learned.

The course consists of 30 attendance hours. Attendance is compulsory. If you want to have a certificate of achievement, you must not miss more than 6 class hours (20%). The final grade is composed of 30% class participation and 70% final exam.


Please have the following textbook available at the start date:

MOCT neu (A1-A2), Textbook + MP3-CD
ISB: 978-3-12-527648-2


Unfortunately this course is already booked out. Registration is not possible anymore.