Unfortunately, we do not offer any more Norwegian level courses at the moment.

Supplementary courses

Lecture number
Autumn semester 2022
Online Language Course
Registration deadline
Maximum number of participants


Day Time Frequency Duration Room
Mon. 4 - 6 pm  weekly 12.09.2022 - 09.01.2023 Webex


Language of instruction: Norwegian

This course is aimed at learners with previous knowledge of Norwegian, such as Erasmus returnees, and as a supplementary language practice offer for participants of Norwegian language courses from level B1.

The course has a communicative focus. The aim is to read and listen to authentic texts from different subject areas and genres and to deepen conversation skills. Individual topics can be decided on in the course.

The course addresses the individual needs of the participants so that pronunciation, communicative and grammatical competence are promoted. The focus is on the joy of speaking the language in a relaxed environment.

The course is an online course and combines attendance phases on Webex with self-study phases. The presence phases are essential for individual learning progress, especially pronunciation and listening comprehension, and the group experience in the course. The self-study phase enables and encourages learning according to one's own methods and time management. At the end of the course and as a basis for passing the exam, one or more small, ungraded projects are worked on in the group.

The course is administered via Moodle. There you will also find presentations and additional materials. The teacher enrolls you in the Moodle course.

You will receive the invitation to Webex by email by the first day of class.


Course materials will be provided by the lecturer.


Unfortunately this course is already booked out. Registration is not possible anymore.