Language Courses for EUF Students and Staff

Extracurricular language courses of the EUF:

Within the specified course times, you will meet with your instructor and the other participants via the conference tool Webex. The groups are smaller than usual, which is particularly beneficial for oral interaction. Your teacher, who has been specially trained for the new format, monitors your learning progress and gives you feedback.

The course is supported organizationally by the moodle platform. There you will find the course overview with all topics as well as working materials and learning activities, which you can work on anywhere and at any time and send to your teacher for correction. In the moodle forum you "talk" to the group outside the regular course time, because we would like to encourage contact and interaction, despite the existing special situation.

Please note that the course book provided serves as the basis for the language course. Please have the book(s) ready from the first Webex meeting.

Take advantage of the time now to learn a language and get ready for the independent digital learning of the future. The online language courses of the Language Center will let you reach your individual goals, regardless of what happens in the next few months.

We look forward to meeting you!

Technical requirements:

  1.     Notebook or PC (no tablet or mobile phone).
  2.     A stable internet connection
  3.     Headset with microphone
  4.     Access to Webex and moodle