German Language Test for Higher Education (DSH) DSH-Test

General Information

What is the DSH?

You come from another country and would like to study in Germany?

If so, by passing the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" (DSH) (German Language Examination for University Admission) you can prove that you are able to study and thus to understand scientific texts, follow lectures and actively participate in seminars.

In the following, you can inform yourself about the following aspects of the DSH:

  • How is the test set up?
  • What is the legal basis for the DSH exam in Flensburg?
  • What results do I need to study in Flensburg?

DSH Stages

The overall examination is passed when both the oral and the written examination are passed. The result of the DSH is given in three stages - DSH 1, DSH 2 and DSH 3.

DSH Level

Corresponds to a result of at least




Not able to study at the Europa-University Flensburg



Able to study at the Europa-Universität Flensburg

(With the exception of the BA course in Educational Sciences and all teacher profession-related master study programs)



Also able to a BA study program in education sciences as well as all teacher profession-related master study courses

Both in the oral and written examination

With a total score of DSH 2 and DSH 3, you will demonstrate advanced language competences. This corresponds approximately to a level of C1 (DSH 2) or C1 / C2 (DSH 3) of the Common European Framework.


The structure of the test is shown below. It is divided into a written and an oral exam. Admission to the oral examination is only possible when the written examination with at least DSH 2 has been passed.

Assessment of

Verified competences

Written exam
(Up to 4 hours /
240 minutes)
  • Understanding and processing of a listening text

  • Ability to follow lectures
  • Ability to take notes as well as to use them
  • Reading comprehension
  • Recognize, understand and apply grammatically relevant


  • Understanding of authentic, science-oriented texts
  • Recognize, understand and apply grammatically relevant structures

  • Task based text production

  • Independent and coherent responses to science-oriented texts

Oral exam
(About 20 minutes)
  • Giving a short speech and having a subsequent discussion on it
  • Spontaneous and fluent speaking on science-oriented topics

  • Use of relevant interaction strategies (E.g. turn taking)

  A sample test can be found here.

Legal basis

Detailed information on DSH at the Europa-Universität Flensburg, e.g. for the admission, assessment of the examination as well as for a possible deregistration from the examination, can be found in our examination regulations dated 05.02.2015. This corresponds to the framework for German language examinations for study at German universities (RO-DT) from 17.11.2011. The Europa-Universität Flensburg is registered with the University Rectors' Conference and is entitled to give the DSH examination. In accordance with §7 of the Framework Regulations, a DSH examination, which is designed according to the framework regulations, is recognized by all universities and study colleges.

DSH in Flensburg

Preparation course

Europa-Universtät Flensburg offers a DSH exam once a year. In preparation for the special examination format, you take part in a DSH preparation course in advance (100% attendance is compulsory).

The one-week DSH course comprises a total of 30 teaching units of 45 minutes each. It takes place from Monday to Friday and consists of six teaching units per day. The course prepares you for the DSH examination by familiarising you with the examination format and by learning and training strategies for taking the examination.

The course takes place in a small learning group of max. 20 participants and is accompanied by two teachers.


The next DSH test is expected to take place in 2020. More detailed information will follow.


The course and examination fees amount to a total of 500 euros. It is not possible to take the DSH exam without regularly taking the DSH preparation course. The course and examination fees will be collected in advance by direct debit. For this purpose, please send us the completed original direct debit form by post at the same time as you register online.

If matriculation at the European University of Flensburg takes place within two years of taking the DSH examination, 200 euros of the fee paid will be refunded upon application by the course graduates. The prerequisite is that the payment of the course fee is proven.

Admission Requirements

To be able to register for the DSH preparation course, please upload a C1 certificate of a successfully completed language course, e.g. from the EUF Language Centre, during online registration.

Study Opportunities in Flensburg

With the successful completion of the DSH exam, you have the following opportunities in Flensburg:

Courses of study  - Europa-Universität Flensburg

For general information about studying in Germany, Eg "Studying in Germany" and on the pages of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).