[Translate to 2-English:] Ein Zug fährt in den Flensburger Bahnhof ein
[Translate to 2-English:] Ein Zug fährt in den Flensburger Bahnhof ein

How to get to Flensburg

Arriving by Plane and Train

Located about 150 kilometers from Flensburg, the Hamburg Airport (Fuhlsbüttel) is the closest airport to Flensburg.

The S-Bahn subway line S1 runs every 10 minutes between Hamburg Airport ("Hamburg Flughafen") and the Hamburg central train station. This journey takes about 25 minutes and costs about 3 euros. You can find detailed information at www.hvv.de.

By taxi, the ride into town from the airport takes about 30 minutes and costs about 25 euros.

The trains to Flensburg leave from Hamburg main station. The travel time is about 2 hours. You can buy a train ticket from the customer service center inside the train station, or from one of the ticket machines there.

Germany offers several different kinds of train fares. For the Hamburg-Flensburg trip, the cheapest type of ticket is the "Schleswig-Holstein ticket." It costs about 28 euros.  You can buy one in the customer service center, or directly from a ticket machine. To buy the ticket from a machine, follow these steps: click on "Tickets & Offers" ⇾ "Länderticket" ⇾ "Schleswig-Holstein ticket". The Schleswig-Holstein ticket is a group ticket for up 5 people, so up to 4 more people can join you on the same ticket if hey each pay 4 euros extra. Trains from Hamburg to Flensburg run hourly.

Train connections

The following buses will take you to the EUF campus from the Flensburg train station: bus 5 (Ring A), bus 8 (Ring A), or bus 4 (direction "Tastruper Weg"). The bus stop is located directly in front of the train station building.

Alternatively, there are always cabs available at the taxi queue at the entrance to the station.

Bus connections