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Processing times

Processing Times

Our editorial service process begins with your application and ends with the final revision of your manuscript. The times below indicate roughly how long each step of that process takes.

1-7 days:

  • EUF research institutions review your application and manuscript.
  • Staff availability is checked.
  • You receive an email from your designated EUF research institution (see table on this page), stating whether  your application for editorial support has been approved.
  • In the case of a positive answer, the editorial service team contacts you to discuss details and tell you the estimated return date for your edited text.

2-8 weeks:*

  • Your text stays on our waiting list until we are ready to begin editing it.
  • We edit your text and return it to you with marks, suggested changes, and comments for your review.

1-4 weeks:

  • You review our edits and provide any feedback we have requested.
  • You return the text to us via email for a final check.

1-7 days:

  • If necessary, we go through your text a second time to finalize the edit in accordance with your feedback.**

*Maximum turnaround time for the first edit is normally 4-6 weeks from the date of your notification email. For longer texts or during very busy periods, the turnaround time may be longer. We can usually return very short texts, such as abstracts, within a matter of days.

**You are allowed a maximum of one revision per edited text.  Any edited text that you later modify during the peer-review process is treated as a new text.