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Laura Cunniff (M.A.)
Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben

+49 461 805 2733
Gebäude Riga 6 - RIG 603


How to apply

When to apply

You may apply for editorial assistance at any time. However, we highly encourage you to do so at least 4 weeks prior to your submission deadline. This helps us support the entire EUF community and increases your chance of benefiting from the service. Kindly allow a longer turnaround time for longer manuscripts (20+ pages).

 When applying, be sure to ...

  • Read the information on this website and the FAQ sheet before you apply.
  • Submit a text that is 100% finished. New text or modifications to the existing text after you have sent it to us will be treated as a new service request.*
  • Upload all materials for editing in .doc format or similar. This includes graphics and tables.
  • Provide the original German version of your text, a sample text or texts from the same academic subject area, and/or a glossary of subject-specific terms (if available).

Click here to open the online application form.

*If you revise a text edited by us in response to the suggestions of a (peer-reviewed) journal editor and/or reviewers, you need not submit a new service application.