Language Support Services

Europa-Universität Flensburg offers a wide range of language-related services and resources to support the needs of the entire EUF campus.

These resources are here to enrich the language skills of EUF students, faculty and staff, promote research and teaching excellence, and further our university's development as a multilingual, internationally-engaged community of learning.

Check out the links below to discover all the language-related resources that are available free of charge to the staff and students of Europa-Universität Flensburg.


  • Academic editing service - Professional editorial help for academic texts written in English by faculty and researchers 
  • Coaching - One-on-one English language coaching for faculty, with a focus on oral communication
  • Tandems - Language exchange partnerships for students

...and more...

In addition to the above resources, here are also many hands-on activities on campus that let participants reinforce their language skills in fun and creative ways. From conversation cafés to international lectures, they offer a wide range of options for students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Click here to see the current calendar of international events at EUF. 

For information about language courses, please click here.