Events Winter Semester 2018/19

September 2018

Tuesday04.09.2018Welcome Breakfast9:00

Welcome Breakfast for new International Students 

Anmeldung im  International CenterHEL 063

Lucila, International Center

Tuesday04.09.2018German Dinner18:00Enjoy a typical German dinner. Organized by the International Center. Cost: 10-15€ + Drinks. (Maximum Capacity 40)Anmeldung im  International CenterGerman Restaurant Hansen BrauereiLucila, International Center
Friday07.09.2018Pub Crawl Meeting20:00Get to know the nightlife in Flensburg. Organized by the International Center. Cost: depends on the individual consumption.Anmeldung im  International CenterHafenspitzeLucila, International Center
Sunday09.09.2018Sightseeing Flensburg Meeting14:00Take a walk to Murwik and have a picnic after (bring your own snacks)Anmeldung im  International CenterHafenspitzeLucila, International Center

Let us have Brunch together. Cost  9€ + Hot Drinks

Anmeldung im  International CenterExtrablattLucila, International Center
Monday10.09.2018City practical Tour12:00

City practical Tour: Free (Orientation)

Anmeldung im  International CenterCityLucila, International Center

Beach "Wassersleben", border with Denmark.


Visit the beach and take a walk in the forest to Denmark (depending on the weather). Bring your passport or EU ID. (Maximum Capacity 60 people)

Cost: Free, Food as you consume
Anmeldung im  International CenterWasserslebenLucila, International Center
Montag10.09.2018EUCS-Opening Event18:00Opening event of the B.A. EUCS where both national and international students will be present, as well as their lecturers. There will be a couple of games for breaking the ide and some cookies on the table.Only for  EUCS StudierendeRotundePatricia Barbosa, EUCS Coordinator
Tuesday11.09.2018UNI Starter Party22:00Uni Party cost 8 €, organized by UNIstarterOpen needs ticketDeutsches Haus
Donnerstag13.09.2018KITA, Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein15:00-22:00KITA, Studentenwerk Schleswig-HolsteinPrivat KitaRotundeKITA, Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Thursday13.09.2018Campus Bonfire & movie18:00Campus Bonfire & movieAnmeldung im  International CenterCampus GardenLucila, International Center
Friday14.09.2018Game night EUS17:00Game Night for new European Studies StudentsNur für European Studies StudierendeRotundeEuropean Studies Fachschaft 
TBATBALanguage ConnectTBATBAAnmeldung im  International Center or LEITBALucila, International Center
Sunday16.09.2018Meet, Tour Glücksburg & Castle11:00 - 12:30Walk and enjoy the beautiful castle tour in Glücksburg.  Cost: 10€  two groups of 20 peopleAnmeldung im  International CenterGlücksburgLucila, International Center
Thursday20.09.2018Get-together EUCS prog18:00-21:00All EUCS students are invited to welcome their new students.closed, only EUCS students, RotundeFachschaft EUCS, Johanna Rübcke
Friday21.09.2018LEI International BBQ14:00Meet other German students that want to study abroad. Bring some food to share. Anmeldung im  International Center or LEIRotundeLEI
Sunday23.09.2018Picnic at Solitüde14:00Bring snacks and enjoy time at the beach with other students. Anmeldung im  International CenterSolitüdeLucila, International Center
Wednesday26.09.2018Hausrat des Emmy-Hennings-HausHausrat des Emmy-Hennings-Haus, Vollversammlung für unser Wohnheim abhaltenClosedRotunde

Marc David Janzowski

Thursday27.09.2018Meet, Greet and Share16:00Meet all interested students and ProRef participants for the first time over drinks and snacks.Registration with unihost@uni-flensburg.deHEL 063Lucila, IC
Friday28.09.2018Welcome Dinner19:00Presentation and German dinner .Free for students. Covered entirely by the International Center and LEIAnmeldung im  International CenterSolitüdeCampus Engel and LEI

October 2018

Monday10.10.2018Kita14:00-18.00KitaClosed PrivatRotunde

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein

Michael Philippi

Saturday13.10.2018Hamburg Excursion 08:30

Day Trip to Hamburg & City Tour
Cost: 15€+ Food & Drinks

Registration with Lucila, International CenterTrain Station Flensburg

International Center, Lucila

Wednesday24.10.2018CampusFRIENDS8:00-23:00CampusFRIENDSCampusFRIENDSRotundeInternational Center, Lucila
Friday26.10.2018Halloween Party21:00Come to celebrate HalloweenRegistration with Lucila, International CenterRotundeCampus Engel

November 2018

Thursday08.11.2018Brewery Tour Meeting17:30Find out how the local beer is produced & join afterwards for some beer tasting & snacks
Cost: 12,50 (without Voucher). Free with Voucher
Flensburger BreweryInternational Center
Wednesday28.11.2018International Fall Celebration show19:00Come, join the show and show your cultural traditions, enjoy the show performed from students to studentsOrganized by the International Center, LEI, Campus Engel, EUS, EUCS, ASTA, EEM SESAM, ProRef, Studentenwerk

December 2018

Saturday01.12.2018Lübeck Excursion & Christmas Market09:30

Lübeck Excursion & Christmas Market
Cost: 10€ + Food & Drinks

Registration with Lucila,  International CenterLübeckInternational Center
Sunday 02.12.2018Christmas with the  Mentor family program from the study program EEM14:00-20:00Cosy get-together with coffee and cake, music and handicraftsclosedRotundeEva-Maria Kuntzmann, EEM