Spring Semester 2019

For reservations of the Rotunde please contact lucila-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de (at least 2 weeks before the event).

February 2019

DayDateEventTimeDescription                                                                             Type                      PlaceContact
Wednesday06.02.2019Runder Tisch13:00Runder TischclosedRotunde

International Center - Uni

March 2019

Day         Date           Event          Time   Description     Type               PlaceContact  
Friday01.03.2019Arrival and moving in9:00-20:00Arrival and moving inAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Saturday02.03.2019Arrival and moving in9:00-20:00Arrival and moving inAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Sunday03.03.2019Brunch in Extrablatt10:30Organized by LEI to meet the  new Incoming International students - Cost: Brunch Extrablatt 9€ + hotdrinksAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)Rotunde

Lucila at IC

Sunday03.03.2019Fjord walking Tour13:00Get to know the Fjord area. Free of charge.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)SüdermarktLucila at IC
Tuesday05.03.2019Welcome Breakfast and Orientation09:00  Meet and greet and enjoy a typical North German breakfast.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)To be anouncedLucila at IC
Friday08.03.2019Pub Crawl21:00Get to know the nightlife in Flensburg. We will visit a few bars and clubs. Cost depends on the individual consumption.  With registration only, at the IC (Lucila).Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)FlensburgLucila at IC
Saturday09.03.2019Privat Geburtstag15:00-15:00Privat GeburtstagGeschlossene GesellschaftRotundeMiriam Levke Alheid 
Tuesday12.03.2019Dinner in Hansen Brauerei19:00Food costs approximately 10-15 €, drinks as you consume. With registration only at the IC (Lucila). 19:00 meeting at Hafenspitze to walk to Hansen BrauereiAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)Bus campus FHLucila at IC
Saturday16.03.2019Water Tower walk11:45Take a walk to Water Tower and have a picnic. Free of charge.Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)Water TowerLucila at IC
Sunday17.03.2019Mariencafe15:00Enjoy traditional German coffee and cake. Price depends on individual consumption or special offer: cake + unlimited hot drinks for 7,50€Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)MariencafeLucila at IC
Friday22.03.2019Welcome to Germany DinnerWelcome to Germany Dinner organized by LEIAnmeldung im IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Sunday24.03.2019Wassersleben12:15Visit the beach and take a walk through the forest to Denmark. Bring snacks and passports. Free for students, financed by the International Center. Anmeldung im IC (Lucila)WasserslebenLucila at IC
Saturday, Sunday30.03.2019 - 31.03.2019Private Event09:00 - 09:00Private EventPrivatRotundeJanek Ratay

April 2019

DayDate           Event                   Time      DescriptionType                Place      Contact 
TBA.04Tandem Party in TableuTBAFind a language tandem. Free of charge. Organised by LEIRegistration with IC (Lucila)TableuLucila at IC
TBA.04Incomings meet outgoingsTBAMeet local students that want to study at your home university. Organised by LEI. Free of charge.Registration with IC (Lucila)TBALucila at IC
TBA.0451 StufenTBATrip to the cinema to see an English-language film. Organised by LEI. Free of charge, and get free popcorn with your voucher.Registration with IC (Lucila)51 StufenLucila at IC

The ProRef program invites to an afternoon of cultural exchange about the Nowruz fest.

Nowruz (also: Nouruz, Naurus, Nourus, Nuroj or Newroz) is an old Iranian New Year and Spring fest, which is celebrated in many regions of South and Central Asia. It celebrates the 'new day', which leaves the cold winter time behind. For more than 300 million people in Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Tajikistan and all Kurdish regions, Nowruz is the most important fest of the year.

Registration with ProRefRotundeDr. Thomas Duttle, ProRef 
Wednesday10.04Cafe Lichtlos.Group 1: 12:30 Group 2: 13:30You get to experience what it’s like to be blind at this completely dark Café, hosted by blind people. 4€ minimum consumption. Registration with IC (Lucila)Cafe LichtlosLucila at IC
Sunday28.04Tour of Glücksburg Castle Cost 8 € Tour starts 14:00 (includes roundtrip, entrance to the castle and private guide tour). Please take some money for food and drinks. Partially financed by the International CenterRegistration with IC (Lucila)Glücksburg Castle Lucila at IC

May 2019

Thursday02.05Tour of Flensburger Brewery17:40Tour of Flensburger Brewery. After the tour, you are invited to hearty dinner and beer testing in the Flensburg salon. Bring your voucher booklet so that it is free, otherwise it costs 12, 50€. Wear closed shoes, no sandals.Registration with IC (Lucila)Flensburger BreweryLucila at IC
Friday 03.05Solitüde picnicTBABring snacks to share. Local students will present the area. Free of charge.Registration with IC (Lucila)Solitüde Lucila at IC
TBA07.05 - 09.05Europe DayTBAStudents present their language and countries, organised by LEI. Free of charge.Registration with IC TBALucila at IC
Friday24.05Pubcrawl mit WikingerschichtTBAVisit some pubs. Organised by LEI. Price depends on your consumption.Registration with ICTBALucila at IC
Thursday30.05Sylt excursionTBADaytrip to the beautiful island of Sylt. Costs 14€. Covers transport costs, full-day beach fee, full-day bicycle rent fee. Partially financed by the International Center.Registration with ICSyltLucila at IC

June 2019

DayDateEventTimeDescriptionType                      PlaceContact
Thursday06.06Culture Night 19:30Share your culture with music, food and more. Organised by LEI (Rotunde) Free of charge. Registration with IC (Lucila)RotundeLucila at IC
Sunday09.06BOAT ride VS Viking. Meet at Hafenpitze15:00Enjoy a boat ride along the Flensburg Fjord all the way to the beautiful beach of Gluecksburg. Then take a nice hike to Solituede. Cost: 7 Euro. Bring your own snacks. Partially financed by the International Center.Registration with IC (Lucila)Flensburg FjordLucila at IC
Thursday27.06Certificates and graduation ceremony of the ProRef program round 2018/201920:00The ProRef program celebrates the graduation of the 2018/2019 program round in a festive setting.Registration with ProRefRotundeDr. Thomas Duttle (ProRef)