The International Center

The International Center (International Office and Language Center) supports the sustainable professional internationalisation of the Europa Universität Flensburg. Its tasks include

  • the coordination, preparation and realisation of international cooperations
  • Student exchange
  • providing language courses and intercultural courses
  • international Marketing and
  • actions for internationalisation at home, in particular for the integration of foreign students.

Due to the Corona pandemic no open consultation hours are offered at present. Please contact the International Center by email or phone.

Consultation hours

Ulrike Bischoff Parker                     by appointment         HEL 032
Lucila Morales de Mittag      Tue09:00 - 12:00          HEL 031
Anna K. HardtTue10:00 - 12:00          HEL 036
Dr. Dagmara Paciorek-HerrmannTue + Wed10:00 - 12:00

         HEL 035

Merle Struveby appointment         HEL 030
Anja Bohmby appointment         HEL 017
Eleonora Zheleznikova

by appointment

         HEL 017
Claudia Reyesby appointment          HEL 005
Katrin Stammby appointment           HEL 006
Scott Simpsonby appointment

         HEL 006

Dr. Jonathan Moleby appointment         RIG 715
Dr. Thomas Duttleby appointment         VIL 207
Ute Boesche-SeefeldtWed09:00 - 10:00          VIL 208
Thur12:00 - 13:00
Moritz Schneiderby appointment

         VIL 207

Yvonne Croppby appointment         HEL 033