Junge Frau am Flughafen vor Infotafel
Junge Frau am Flughafen vor Infotafel

Interested in Going Abroad?

Build on your academic abilities, polish your language skills, get to know another educational system, see your own culture and identity through fresh eyes, feel like a foreigner for a change...

Open your horizon!

Below, you’ll find detailed information about international exchange for students and university staff.

Off into the World

Preparing in Advance

Good planning and comprehensive preparations ahead of time are essential to a successful stay abroad. The following links give specific information about education and universities abroad, as well as general country and travel information:

DAAD Information About Countries (Worldwide)

DAAD Educational System Analyses

Country and Travel Information from the German Federal Foreign Office

Accident Insurance Coverage Information (in German)

Going Abroad Under Special Conditions

Students and university staff who have a disability or chronic illness, as well as students and university staff with children, face particular challenges when planning their time abroad. More Information