Bild eines Studenten auf der Straße, Blick in die Kamera
Bild eines Studenten auf der Straße, Blick in die Kamera

Off Into the Wide World?!

Many roads can lead abroad, but how do I find the right one for me? Semester or internship abroad? Holiday job or language study trip?

Get inspired, find information, experience the world, discover countries?! The information of the DAAD campaign 'studieren weltweit - ERLEBE ES' (only in German) provides helpful tips on preparing, financing and organizing a stay abroad. The working group "Wege ins Ausland" (Paths to Getting Abroad) also provides information about the various semester abroad options.

Planning a semester abroad in times of Corona

Would you like to go abroad in the academic year 2021/22, but are unsure whether you want to/can plan to do so in times of the COVID-19 pandemic? Currently, predictions are difficult to make. We have compiled the most important information for you below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please stick to cost-neutral planning for your stay abroad for as long as possible.
We recommend that you. . .

  • Wait as long as possible to book travel tickets, rent an apartment in your destination country, and so on.
  • Take out travel cancellation insurance.
  • Keep the option open as long as possible to continue your studies at our university. This means that you should also register for the courses here at EUF for the semester of your planned semester abroad.
  • Regularly inform yourself about the situation at your host university by checking the website there and subscribing to any newsletters offered there.
  • Stay in contact with your contact persons at the host university.
  • Meet any set deadlines.
  • Regularly check the website of the German Foreign Office for the latest country and security information.
  • Check the RKI website regularly for new regulations.

This is possible during the current academic year. In principle, your confirmation of place is valid for the entire academic year (Fall Semester/HeSE and Spring Semester/FrSe). The confirmed place, however, cannot be transferred to a new academic year.

The chance to postpone your semester abroad will depends mainly on the situation and capacity of your partner university. Please contact us in good time at to find out whether a postponement is possible for your partner university. We will support you in finding and implementing individual solutions.

If you would like to cancel your semester abroad, please inform us immediately via

If, during your semester abroad, you decide that you need or want to terminate your stay at the host university due to the situation under the COVID-19 pandemic, you can do so at any time. If you are at a partner university with Erasmus+, please read the following question.

The current regulations for student mobility with Erasmus+ can be found on the DAAD website.

Infos on Corona and Erasmus+

If you are unsure how these DAAD regulations apply to your specific case, please feel free to contact us at

Note: This information does not claim to be complete. If you have any further questions, please write to us at: