Staff Mobility (STT)

To support the internationalisation of the universities, the Erasmus+ programme offers an opportunity for German university teaching and administrative staff to take part in continuing education programmes at (partner) universities and companies/institutions in countries that participate in the program

Who is eligible?

  •  University staff from various departments including the student advisory service, the public relations department, the training department, the technology and transfer department, the finance department, the general and technical administration department, the library, the technical departments, the faculties etc.
  • It is possible to apply for funding repeatedly, howeber, first-time applicants have priority.

What can be funded?

Stays for training (e.g. job shadowing, study visits, participation in workshops and seminars, language courses) of between two days and two months with an institution in another European country.

How is the stay funded?

  • Unit costs for the journey, graded according to distance Unit costs for each day of the stay, graded according to host country: up to 500km distance: 180€, up to 2000km: 275€, up to 3000km: 360€, up to 4000km: 530€
  • Unit costs for each day of the stay, graded according to host country. The final amount of funding depends on the Erasmus budget of the current year.
  • Special allowances for guest lecturers with children
  • Special allowances for guest lecturers with a disability

The distance can be determined with the help of the Distance Calculator

How do I apply?

  • Please contact us!
  • Hand in your statement of interest together with a supporting letter of your head of department
  • Once funding has been confirmed please submit the program documents (staff mobility agreement, grant agreement) to the International Center before departure
  • Please remember to submit a Travel Authorisation Request
  • Ask someone at the partner university to sign the Confirmation
  • Upon your return hand the confirmation and report in to the International Center.
  • An online report will be asked for automatically.
  • All forms can also be found in the download area.