Mobility for Teaching Purposes (STA)

Erasmus+ supports guest lectureships at European partner universities which hold a valid Erasmus University Charter (ECHE). During their stay, guest lecturers shall strengthen the European dimension of the host university, complement the courses offered and pass on their expertise to students who are unable to study abroad or do not wish to do so.

During such a stay the development of joint study programmes of the partner universities as well as an exchange of teaching contents should also play a role.
Staff of foreign companies and organizations may also be invited to German universities for teaching purposes.

Who is eligible?

  • Professors as well as lecturers who have a contractual relationship with the university.
  • Lecturers who do not receive a remuneration
  • Lecturers who are working on a contractual basis
  • Emeritus professors as well as retired teachers
  • Research assistants
  • Company staff from abroad



What can be funded?

A stay as a guest lecturer, teaching at least eight lessons per stay or per week respectively. The length of stay is between two days and two months.

How is the stay funded?

  • Unit costs for the journey, graded according to distance Unit costs for each day of the stay, graded according to host country: up to 500km distance: 180€, up to 2000km: 275€, up to 3000km: 360€, up to 4000km: 530€
  • Unit costs for each day of the stay, graded according to host country. The final amount of funding depends on the Erasmus budget of the current year.
  • Special allowances for guest lecturers with children
  • Special allowances for guest lecturers with a disability

The distance can be determined with the help of the Distance Calculator

How do I apply?



  • Please contact us!
  • Before departure please submit the grant agreement and the staff mobility agreement to the International Center
  • Please remember to submit a Travel Authorisation Request
  • Ask someone at the partner university to sign the "Confirmation"
  • Upon your return hand the "Confirmation"  in to the International Center.
  • An online report will be asked for automatically.