"Ich möchte Weltbürger sein, überall zu Hause und, was noch entscheidender ist, überall unterwegs."

Jagiellonian University


Cooperation areas: Languages (023), Political sciences and civics (0312)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Bachelor Seminar62018/2019
Cultural Industries and Cultural Institutions42018/2019

European Solidarity in the Process of Political and Society Integration.

A Philosophical Perspective.


The Museums of Krakow.

Revealed and Hidden Stories of the Eurpean Past.


Security and Democracy  in Europe after 1989.

A Central European Experience.

Academic English for European Studies42018/2019
The European Convention on Human Rights42018/2019

Academic English for European Studies

Violence in International Relations32019/2020
Modern Philosophy 62019/2020
Modern European State Formation 62019/2020
Citizenship, Migration & Multiculturalism in Europe102019/2020
Human Rights42019/2020
Culture in International Relations 52019/2020

Jan Kochanowski University


Cooperation areas: Political sciences and civics (0312), Business and Administration (041)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Lodz


Cooperation areas: Arts and Humanities (02), Economics (0311), Sociology and Cultural Studies (0314), Accounting and Taxation (0411), Finance, Banking and Insurance (0412)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Business Ethics62018/2019
Economics of European Integration 262018/2019
Human Resource Management6


Introduction to Philosophy of Religion6 2018/2019

Qualitative Methods in Social Research

Polish Language Course42018/2019
Poland - History, Culture and Society42018/2019
Financial Controls in Accounting62019/2020
International Finance62019/2020
European Union Trade Policy62019/2020

Maria-Curie-Sklodowska University


Cooperation areas: Earth sciences (0532)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Opole


Cooperation areas: Education (011), Philosophy and ethics (0223), Political sciences and civics (0312)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Art and Culture Law62018/2019
Gender and Society62018/2019

Intercultural Competence

Polish Language Course32018/2019

How to train your dragon - Understanding and taming European Union

Migration and Cultural Contact52018/2019
Another world is possible – Social justice in practice62018/2019
Terrorism and the Media62018/2019
Gender issues in Eastern European countries62018/2019
Conspiracy Theories62018/2019
Language in Society and Culture62018/2019

Adam Mickiewicz University


Cooperation areas:

Course titleECTSAcademic year

Pomeranian University in Slupsk


Cooperation areas: Education (011), History and Archaeology (0222), Languages (023), Social and behavioural sciences (031), Earth sciences (0532), Music and performing arts (0215)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

Nicolaus Copernicus University


Cooperation areas: Philosophy and Ethics (0223), Psychology (0313), Sociology and Cultural Studies (0314)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

University of Lower Silesia


Cooperation areas: Education (011)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Media Art32018/2019
Group Communication32018/2019
History of Animation and VFX42018/2019
Law in Design and Production32018/2019
Project Management Methods32018/2019
Polish Language and Culture52018/2019
PR and Portfolio Building32018/2019
Visual Communication32018/2019
Storytelling and Story Design32018/2019

University of Wroclaw


Cooperation areas: Education (011), Humanities (022), Languages (023), Sociology and cultural studies (0314), Journalism and Information (032)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Anthropology of postsocialism in Central/Eastern Europe62019/20
Contemporary cultures of resistance62019/20
Art, education & society62019/20
Institutions and forms of EU public sphere62019/20
Multicultural Education and Management62019/20