"Ich möchte Weltbürger sein, überall zu Hause und, was noch entscheidender ist, überall unterwegs."

University of Bergen


Cooperation areas: Social and behavioural sciences (031), Health (091)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
English Literature and Culture102018/2019
Gender Analysis in Global Development102018/2019
The Politics of Gender in a Global Perspective102018/2019

Norwegian Language and Culture

for Foreign Language Students, Level 1


Poverty, Welfare and Marginalisation:

An Ethnographic Approach to Modern Urban Life

EU and International Organisations 152019/2020
Democracy and Democratization 152019/2020

Østfold University College


Cooperation areas:  Education (011), Social and behavioural sciences (031), Business and Administration (041)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Cooperation areas: Education (011)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Consumer Behaviour7,52019/20
Managing Business Relationships7,52019/20
Strategic Management7,52019/20
Macroeconomics for Managers7,52019/20