"Ich möchte Weltbürger sein, überall zu Hause und, was noch entscheidender ist, überall unterwegs."



Cooperation areas: Social and behavioural sciences (031), Education (011), Earth sciences (0532)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Anthroplogy of Religion 3


Fascism, populism and democracy52017
Fundamental rights protection in the European Union52017
The EU institutions and decision-making system42017

The Middle East: politics, culture and history

Trusted Criminals-Understanding White-collar crime52017
Contemporary challenges of the Hungarian society52020
European integration and Education52018/19
Inequality, justice and energy52018/19
IR and the Far East52017
EU Development projects in practice22017
An introduction to Human Security: A People Centered Approach of Egaging Current and Emerging Human Insecurities52019/20
The (Bright) Future of Europe: If Any52020

Cultural Anthropology

History and Theory of international Society52019/20

Family and Society

Diplomatic challenges, theories and case studies52020
Europe on the move: Human Rights, Displaced Persons and Refugees After 194552020
The Political Theory of Populism and Democracy52020

University of Szeged


Cooperation areas: Languages (023)

Course titleECTSAcademic year