"Ich möchte Weltbürger sein, überall zu Hause und, was noch entscheidender ist, überall unterwegs."

Masaryk University


Cooperation areas: Languages (023)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
International Nationalism52020/21
Behavioral Economics: Psychology Meets Economics42020/21
Czech for Foreigners - Beginners I52020/21
Populism and Political Parties52020/21
Political Psychology and Intergroup Conflict42020/21
Culture and Media62020/21

University of West Bohemia


Cooperation areas: Education (011), Arts and humanities (02)

Course titleECTSAcademic year

Metropolitan University Prague


Cooperation areas: Social and behavioural sciences (031), Arts and humanities (02)

Course titleECTSAcademic year
Comparison of Modern Democracies52017/2018
EU Common Foreign and Security Policy52017/2018
Spanish 52017/2018
Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocol52017/2018
Human Rights in International Relations Theory52017/2018
International Conflict and Conflict Resolution52017/2018
Military Interventions in International Politics5 2017/2018

Czech Society: Economy, History, Politics


The Czech Republic and the EU

Introduction to Political Science52019/2020

The theory and practice of revolution and Rebellion 1500-2000


Varieties of terrorism: Theories and Impacts

The EU and Brexit 52019/2020
Area Studies: Afghanistan, Pakistan52019/2020
European Region - Comparison of Economics52019/2020
Central and Eastern European Political Systems52019/2020
Global Issues52019/2020
Transnational Migration52019/2020

Jan Evangelista Purkyne University Ústi nad Labem


Cooperation areas: Education (011), Fine arts (0213)

Course titleECTSAcademic year