"Ich möchte Weltbürger sein, überall zu Hause und, was noch entscheidender ist, überall unterwegs."


This page provides an overview of the courses taken by EUCS students during their semester abroad. The information on this page can give you an idea of the type of courses you are likely to find abroad and that were accredited in Flensburg. However, be aware that there are always changes to the course programs and that you need to thoroughly research in advance what courses will be available and  accredited for your stay abroad.

Some EUCS students have gone on ERASMUS exchanges, others went to non-Erasmus partners and, and still others went as free movers.

ERASMUS exchange: Most of the cooperation agreements with our partner universities were initiated by different institutes of Europa-Universität Flensburg. Under each university name you can find the ERASMUS codes that were the basis of each specific agreement. Some universities have an open door policy, allowing you to take courses from several institutes / faculties. The courses taken by your colleagues might already give you an idea if this is possible, but a definite answer can only come from our partner university.

Non-ERASMUS exchanges: Outside of Europe, it is easier to get access to most of the courses offered by our partners, given that most of them have an open door policy. You, however, must check the details.

Free movers: It is entirely up to you to negotiate with the university at which you want to study all the details of your semester abroad.

CPs = credit points obtained abroad outside of Europe

ECTS= credit points obtained in Europe

* Please be aware that the conversion of CP into ECTS is not always done on a 1-to-1 basis