The eMERGE University Network: European Margins Engaged for Regional and Global Empowerment

What is eMERGE?

In 2019, the EU Commission announced the second round of the "European Universities Initiative" (EUI) funding line under the Erasmus+ program. "European Universities" are university alliances that aim to combine the strengths and diversity of European research and teaching in new structures, in order to address the challenges that Europe is facing. The aim is to create an outstanding European educational area, as well as to strengthen international competitiveness and improve the attractiveness of European universities in the fields of education, research and innovation. In this context, Europa-Universität Flensburg has partnered with five other European universities to found the eMERGE university network. The network is coordinated by the Rennes 2 University in France.

The eMERGE vision

Despite being far from the center of Europe, eMERGE alliance institutions hold European ideals and values as central. The goal is to increase the integration and engagement of and with the European periphery, and to create a model of excellence in teaching, learning and research that engages students, staff, and the wider society. The alliance promotes a transformative and sustainable educational approach that gives students a personalized educational journey, preparing them to effectively address global challenges. Current and planned activities include, for example, developments in virtual mobility and exchange, applications for collaborative project funding with Erasmus+ Key Action 2 in the area of the internationalization of teaching, and the establishment of so-called Research Hubs and Labs. A hub is an international platform for research and networking activities, joint third-party funding applications, publications, and events. The first hub, the Lingustic Research Lab, is currently in the start-up phase and focuses on linguistics and language didactics. There is also a staff exchange (Staff Weeks) and a forum for student representatives from the participating universities.

What are the partner universities?

Contact persons

If you would like to get involved in the internationalization of either research (for example, in a Research Hub) or teaching within the context of eMERGE, you are welcome to contact us.