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Be a Welcome Buddy!

What are the responsibilities of a Welcome Buddy?

As a Welcome Buddy you accompany an "Incoming Student", "International Student" or "New Student" during his/her semester abroad or start of the studies at the EUF. How this accompaniment works is up to you. Drinking coffee, doing sports together, helping with language problems, taking part in the events of the International Center together are some of the many possibilities. How much you integrate your Incoming Buddy into your private life is up to you, but you should plan to spend two or three hours per week during the semester with your Buddy. You are not responsible for finding accommodation or dealing with the authorities, but should help with social integration.

You can help your Buddy for example with the following:

  •     Orientation at the university: What is actually the Zimt? How do I register with Moodle? Where can I get the best coffee? What can I do when I have time off between classes?
  •     General help with settling in Flensburg: going out, shopping (weekly markets, flea markets etc.), where can I get a cheap bike, which doctors can be recommended?
  •     Contact persons for other questions or problems.
  •     Help with language problems (not all people in Germany speak English)

Buddy programs often develop into friendships for life.

Who can register as a Welcome Buddy?

 Both German and International Students can become a Welcome Buddy. You should have studied at least two semesters at EUF, be interested in interculturalism, enjoy getting to know people and be sociable. Good language skills in English are desirable, as most Incoming Students do not speak German. Other languages are an advantage. Please indicate other languages you speak on the application form.

How much time should I plan to be there for my Buddy?

You should plan to be there for your Buddy for at least two to three hours per week per semester.

The first personal meeting should take place at the Welcome Breakfast on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. If you don't have time then, you can of course arrange another meeting.

During the semester further Buddy meetings will be organized.

When will my Buddy be in Flensburg?

Incoming Students will arrive on March 1 and 2, 2020. On these days our student assistants will help them. You should be available from March 03, 2020.

How are the matches made?

The matches are made based on the students’ field of study and similar interests. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your Buddy comes from the partner university where you might spend your semester abroad.

My Buddy and I don't get along very well. What do you want me to do?

If things don't work out between you and your Buddy, please inform us by e-mail: buddy-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de .

If desired and still possible, we will refer you to another Buddy.

Why should I become a Welcome Buddy?

The Welcome Buddy program promotes cultural exchange between students from Flensburg and exchange students. As a Welcome Buddy you get to know students from other countries, gain insight into another culture, broaden your horizon and possibly improve your language skills. At the same time you can show your own culture to your Buddy. If you are planning a longer stay abroad, your work as a Welcome Buddy will help you to prepare for it. Of course, you can also note this commitment in your resume. Buddy programs often develop into friendships for life.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

Send an e-mail to buddy@uni-flensburg.de . If the questions cannot be answered by e-mail, we will make an appointment with you.

How can I sign up?

Registration for the fall semester 2020,  please here.