Students who do not wish to continue their studies may apply for dismissal (exmatriculation) at any time.
After you have successfully completed your studies, you submit the application after you have received your graduation documents and thus know your examination date and final grade.
Without having completed a course of study, you can submit the application at any time - also with effect for the future, i.e. at the end of the semester currently being studied.

To do this, you must submit the completed application form to the Registars Office, which you can find as a download file at the end of this page.

Students are to be exmatriculated "de-register" for the following reasons:

    Successful completion of the course of study for which a student is enrolled. De-registration is effective at the end of the semester in which the last examination for successful completion of the program took place.

    Final failed examination. De-registration occurs on the date the final failure is determined.

    Failure to re-register on time. De-registration will occur at the end of the current semester.

    Lapse of health insurance coverage. Disenrollment will occur on the date students are notified by the Registrar's Office.

The application for de-registration can be found here as a download file in German