Part-time job

A part-time job may be helpful towards financing studies in Flensburg. However, you will not be able to finance yourself entirely by working part-time while studying and it is not easy finding a part-time job in Flensburg as the job market for students is very competitive. Most importantly, experience shows that employers require you to have good German language skills before considering your job application.

Here you can find an overview of the legal regulations when looking for a part-time job in Germany.

To find job offers there are the following possibilities:

  • The career service of the Campus Flensburg, CampusCareer, has a list of job offers and internships for students in Germany and Denmark: 
  • ASTA also has a notice board in the university main building (HG, ground floor) where current student jobs are posted.
  • Many students work part-time in cafés and restaurants, as hosts at trade fairs, as bicycle couriers, office assistants, cleaners or babysitters. Offers for this kind of job can be found in the small ads of regional or local newspapers (e.g. Flensburger Tageblatt, Moin Moin), they may also be advertised on the premises of the various employees.
  • Some jobs are advertised online with the Agentur für Arbeit.

Job Experience and Internships

Would you like to get to know different professional fields and gain initial experience in your future profession? Here you will find links to the CampusCareer Career Service and links to job exchanges.

CampusCareer Services include:

  1. Basic information, guidance and advice with regard to  the German job market.
  2. Individual support of writing  Job application in German.
  3. Collecting job offers for all students in the online portal stujo.

In addition we are offering  a workshop "How to apply for a job in Germany" every spring semester.  All offers of CampusCareer are addressed to all students of EUF and HS Flensburg on our campus. Relating to the high number of students at all there is only a very small time budget for giving special advice to international students. 

Working in Germany Under Fair Conditions

Do you come from abroad and want to work in Schleswig-Holstein? Arbeit und Leben Schleswig-Holstein have free advice for you.