Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

The German Scholarship supports talented and high-performing students of all subjects at state and state-recognized universities in Germany. This scholarship awards students with outstanding grades, a high level of social engagement, and a record of exceptional personal achievement – such as the experience of having overcome significant personal or educational obstacles. The scholarship will be awarded without consideration to the applicant’s financial situation, i.e., her or his earned income or level of financial support from third parties, such as parents or relatives. More infos.

DAAD scholarship database

The DAAD (German Academic  Exchange Service) provides an overview of  various funding opportunities for students, graduate students and researchers.  For some of these scholarships, the application must already be submitted from the home country. The DAAD database can be searched for scholarships and funding opportunities using various search criteria.

Europa-Universität Flensburg does not award scholarships for study purposes, only the Stibet DAAD scholarship.

DAAD STIBET Scholarships

The DAAD offers the universities a scholarship programme (STIBET) with funds from the Federal Foreign Office.

The scholarship programme gives universities the opportunity to award scholarships from DAAD funds to foreign students at their own discretion. Both undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) students can be supported.
Students must be enrolled for regular studies with the aim of obtaining one of the above-mentioned degrees (exception: contact scholarships). Scholarship funds may be used for the following three types of scholarships:

  • 1 - DEGREE COMPLETION SCHOLARSHIP of the DAAD from funds of the Federal Foreign Office (only for international degree seeking students who are in the final stages of their degree): The primary aim of grants for graduation is to enable foreign students who are in need through no fault of their own to concentrate on their studies and graduation through financial support. The prerequisite for support is that the students have performed very well and can be expected to successfully complete their studies within one year.
  • 2 - SCHOLARSHIP FOR PARTICULARLY COMMITED STUDENTS of the DAAD from funds of the Federal Foreign Office (only for international degree seeking students): The prerequisite for support is that the students have good  achievements, but are also distinguished by outstanding commitment in the international context at the university.
  • 3 - CONTACT SCHOLARSHIP of the DAAD from funds of the Federal Foreign Office (only for exchange students): Contact scholarships give universities the opportunity to award scholarships to foreign students, especially from partner universities, thus strengthening their international partnerships.

Contact scholarships can only be awarded to students from partner universities or universities with which partnership agreements are planned.

Application documents:

  1. Letter of motivation for the application in the selected programme
  2. Tabular curriculum vitae
  3. A currentstudent ID (Studienbescheinigung)/matriculation proof for current semester at Europa-Universität Flensburg
  4. Copies of your grades (transcript of records) or Grade certificates of the Central Examinations Office from Europa-Universität Flensburg, for doctoral students: Copy of the Master's degree certificate
  5. Letter of recomendation of a university instructor (can be sent directly International Center, Lucila Morales de Mittag)
  6. Current certificate of matriculation (for contact scholarship: nomination from partner university)

    • Documents that tell something about your social situation  that can support this application ( a copy of your rental agreement, the health insurance),
    • Written declaration by the applicant about his/her income and assets,
    • Income documents of the applicant (e.g. bank account statements from the last 3 months).

Please send application to

ESG International: Financial support

As ESG we offer social counseling for international students. Under certain conditions students from countries of the DAC/OECD list may apply for financial support for developing policy commitment. Contact: Ute Boesche-Seefeldt / on Mondays 1- 2 pm at Campelle / phone 0461 / 805-2759