Financial Counselling

The University offers a financial counselling service through the Studienberatung by Gabriella Kristoffersen, Lucila Morales de Mittag and Anna Lambert. International students receive information on how to finance their studies, as well as potential scholarships. Students with any financial queries or worries are welcome to go here for support. 

Proof of Sufficient Funds

New regulations require of all international students, EXCEPT EU CITIZENS, proof of sufficient funds to the sum of 861 € per month. This can be supplied in one of these forms:

1. A grant/stipend letter of confirmation

2. A formal obligation letter of the person who finances your studies, a so-called "Verpflichtungserklärung", issued in Germany

3. A blocked bank account with at least 861 €/ per month for a single person (Example: 6 Months at 861 €, total 5166 €)

4. A bank guarantee for 861 € per month (single person) for at least 12 months (depending on your length of stay)

Financing your studies

There are immediate initial payments due upon arrival so please make sure you have access to cash to cover your expenses and deposit for the first days. Some international bankcards may not work here and some places may not accept credit cards. When you arrive in Flensburg you can open a bank account here.

Immediate costs:

  • Monthly rent 230 €-280 € (approx.)
  • Rent deposit 300 € (single payment)
  • Telephone card 30 € (if applicable)
  • Health Insurance 109 € (per month, if applicable)
  • Student Fee 181 € (single payment)
  • Bed linen 50 € (single payment)
  • Food 250-300 €
  • Excursion/going out 50 € or more