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Accommodation in the student residences

To live on the student residences you will need to contact The Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein  which is a non-profit organization in charge of the universities residencies and student accommodation nationwide.

To apply please follow link: http://www.studentenwerk-s-h.de.

The PDF application form can also be found in English http://www.studentenwerk.sh/en/accommodation/application-for-admission/index.html .

For the Summer Semester the rental period is from the 1st  of March until the  31st of  August  and for the Winter Semester the rental period is from the 1st  of September until the 28th  of February. The average monthly payment is approximately 230 € + 300 € security deposit (to be paid only once). There are some cheaper rooms available. The prices vary with the location and amenities. Altogether there are 4 different student residence halls in Flensburg. 

All student residence comprise self-catering accommodation with shared kitchen and cooking facilities. Some rooms have private facilities. Students must supply their own bed linen and towels as well as dishes and kitchenware (pots, pans, etc.).

Room bookings are made directly with the Studentenwerk and they have to be rented for the complete semester (6 months) regardless if you are here or not.

Apartment share market (private)

A furnished room in a shared student flat (Wohngemeinschaft) is difficult to arrange (from approx.  € 200 incl. per month). Small flats with 2-3 rooms for families or student groups are let unfurnished (€ 250- € 425 basic). The University Student Union (AStA) keeps a list with accommodation to let and offers help finding private accommodation within Flensburg.

Click here for the list: accommodation und ads

To apply, please contact:

Auf dem Campus 1
D-24943 Flensburg
Tel.: +49 (0)461 805 2133
E-Mail: asta(at)uni-flensburg.de


Local Newspapers

Flensburger Tageblatt (daily newspaper): Tel. 0180/180 20 20, www.shz.de

  1. MoinMoin (free newspaper): Tel. 0461/588-9100, www.moinmoin.de
  2. Flensburger Wochenschau (free newspaper): Tel. 0461/808-3013, www.diewochenschau.de
  3. Student portal from AStA der Universität Flensburg (Student Union): http://www.flensburg-studieren.de/de/service/anzeigen/ubersicht

Last minute accommodation

For late arrivals at short notice Flensburg Youth Hostels offer Bed & Breakfast from € 16 -17 per day (non-members).

Cost of living

Cost of Living

The cost of living is generally slightly lower than in major German cities. Students are recommended to budget for a minimum of 700 € to 850 € monthly, including rent. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are available in the main campus refectory (Mensa) open on weekdays from 8:30  to 4:00. The menu includes vegetarian dishes daily.

Cost of living in Flensburg

Initial one-off costs

Cost in €

Transport from Hamburg (airport) to Flensburg

approx. 40-50 €  

Accommodation deposit (will be refunded by the end of your stay)

300 €

Rent for 1st month (if applicable)

200 € -280 €

Contribution to Student Services (semester fee)

235 €

Basics (bed linen, cutlery/china, toiletries)

50 €

Telephone card                                                                       

30 €

Approximate  monthly costs                                                                           Cost in €

Rent - room in student halls of residence or

                                                                          200 €-280 €

Private accommodation                                                                          220 € -350 €

Food (minimum)

                                                                          250 € -300 €

Health Insurance (if required)                                                                           92 €

Additional costs may occur for

Travel within Germany, books and materials, leisure activities (sport, etc.)