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Health Insurance

In Germany, all students up to the age of 30 are subject to compulsory health insurance (approximately € 92 monthly). If you are from a country that has concluded a bilateral social security agreement with Germany and if you have sufficient health insurance coverage in your home country, you will be exempted from the obligation of insuring yourself with a statutory health insurance scheme for the duration of your course of study in Germany. In order to get exemption, you must bring and submit your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or other proof of health insurance in your own country (in English or German), within three months of your arrival or you will loose the right to matriculate. Click here for more information regarding proof of health insurance. 

Documents required:

  • passport
  • letter of acceptance
  • bank account
  • local address
  • copy of European health insurance card (if applicable)
  • copy of original documents of health insurance
  • photo

TK Health Insurance


Simon Petersen

Ballastkai 9

24937 Flensburg

Tel.: 040 - 46 06 51 01 160

Mobile: 01 51 - 16 83 77 73

Fax: 0800-285858961253

Internet: https://www.tk.de/tk/the-right-choice/156480

For help: https://www.tk.de/en

e-mail: simon.petersen@tk.de

AOK Health Insurance

AOK Health Insurance

AOK Studenten-Service

Bianca Matthiesen

Heinrichstraße 21
24937 Flensburg

Tel.: (0461) 867 5271

Fax: (0431) 605-255271

Internet:    www.aok.de/sh

e-mail: ass.flensburg@nw.aok.de

BARMER Health Insurance

BARMER Health Insurance


Rathausplatz 15
24937 Flensburg
Tel.: 0800 333 10 10


E-mail: service@barmer.de

DAK - Health Insurance

DAK - Health Insurance


Angelburger Str. 31, 

24937 Flensburg

Tel. 0461 8079180

Fax: 0461807918-7030


E-Mail: service714000@dak.de