Gruppe internationaler Studierender vor Gebäude
Gruppe internationaler Studierender vor Gebäude

FAQs about the Erasmus-Buddy-Program

Get an Erasmus Buddy!

Whether it be helping to overcome language barriers, academic expectation, or even just being introduced to a new group of friends, your Erasmus Buddy is a great resource.

While you don’t "need" an Erasmus Buddy, having one can be invaluable. Not only will having an Erasmus Buddy help you to adjust to living in a new country, but  they can lead to friendships lasting beyond your Erasmus stay.

The matches are made based on the filled registration forms you are sending. Mainly the local students’ host university / region / country for their semester abroad (= your home university / country), but also field of study, interests, and other similarities between you will be taken into consideration for that.

If things don't go well between you and your Erasmus buddy then you can contact us here:

Re-matches and discontinuity are available options.

Send an e-mail to If the questions cannot be answered by e-mail, we will make an appointment with you.

Be an Erasmus-Buddy!

To create a welcoming environment for your incoming Erasmus Buddy. This includes helping to understand Germany's education system, helping to find suitable housing, and to smooth the social and academic transition so that they have an enjoyable semester in Flensburg.

Both German and International Students can become an Erasmus Buddy, as long as they have spent at least a semester abroad. Moreover, you should have studied at least two semesters at EUF, be interested in interculturalism, enjoy getting to know people and be sociable. Speaking languages other than English are an advantage. Please indicate other languages you speak on the application form.

You should plan to be available for your Buddy about two to three hours per week per semester.

The first personal meeting will take place at the beginning of the semester. If you don't have time then, you can of course arrange another meeting.
Further buddy meetings will be organized during the semester.

If teaching takes place in the presence form from the next semester, then the buddy will be in Flensburg in September or before.

The matches are made based on the students’ field of study and similar interests. Most importantly, the university/ home country of the incoming buddy and the destination of the buddy in Flensburg for his/ her Erasmus semester is the main factor to make the matches.

If there are no incoming students from the partner university or country you are planning to go to for your semester abroad, the matching will be made on basis of other similarities (field of study, interests, languages spoken).

If things don't work out between you and your Buddy, please inform us by e-mail:

To broaden your social group and create a connection with someone abroad who might help you when you find yourself in their country during your semester abroad. It is also an important and fulfilling role which can lead to a sense of accomplishment  by helping out another incoming student during their stay in Flensburg.

Send an e-mail to If the questions cannot be answered by e-mail, we will make an appointment with you.