A well-ordered life is like climbing a tower; the view halfway up is
better than the view from the base, and it steadily becomes
finer as the horizon expands William Lyon Phelps

Master level - Education and Teacher Training: Courses in English

SubjectCourse TitleModuleECTS
MA Special EducationModul 1 -Teil Modul 1 - Learning and Teaching: Attachment-Based Pedagogy, Social and Emotional Learning, Experiental Learning,
Bindungsgestützte und erlebnisorientierte Modelle emotionalen und sozialen Lernens (3 places)
MA Special EducationModul 1 -Teil Modul  3 - Learning and Teaching: Student Voice, Student Participation, Teaching for Social Justice: Politisch geprägte, emanzipations- und teilhabeorientierte pädagogische Ansätze bezugnehmend auf soziale Desintegration/Marginalisierung (3 places)Info3104513004
MA English StudiesModul 1 - TEFL in Primary School: Playful English Teaching: Hauptseminar Didaktik Grundschulenglisch Info5145110005
MA English StudiesModul 1 - TEFL in Secondary Schools: Principles, Problems, Perspectives: Hauptseminar Fachdidaktik Sek I: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Info5148110005