Bachelor level: Social Sciences, Economics and Political Sciences: Courses in English

Subject                                                 Course TitleModuleECTS
BA EUCS -            Modul TD1: Society and Economy (3 courses): 1)Society: Sociology of European Integration: An introduction + 2)Economy + 3)Tutorial: Society and Economy: Sociology of European Integration. Info.68010750010
BA EUCS -            Modul DE 4.3: Instruction-based Project: Journalism. Info.68010430010
BA EUCS -            Modul TD CS 1: Cultural and Social Geography of Europe. Info.6801121005
BA EUCS -            Modul TD S 1: Comparing European Economies and Societies. Info.6801231005
BA EUCS -            Modul TD S 2: Political and Social Philosophy. Info.6801241005
BA EUCS -            Modul TD C 6: Science as Culture. Info.6801181005
BA EUCS -            Modul TD S 7: European Borders and Migration. Info.6801291005
BA EUCS -            Modul TD S 8: European Economy: Institutional Change of Capitalist Economies and Societies. Info.6801301005
BA IM -                 Modul 29 Development Economics        Info                                                                         1530050215
BA IM -                Modul 7: VWL 1: Microeconomics - Lecture & Exercises      Info1530010715