Information on Danish language skills and registration for the intensive course

Please fill out the form below and indicate your language skills there - even if you can already prove the required language level. The deadline for enrollment in the Danish Intensive Course is 08/15/2022.

If you have any questions about the requirements, the language test or the course, please contact us exclusively by mail at

1.) Applicants without previous Danish language skills

Participation in the intensive course from 22.08.-09.09.2022 (95 hours +2-hour test) / 09:00 - 16:00

2.) Previous knowledge from 4 years of Danish language instruction in a German grammar school/trade school or similar.

This group of people must participate in the test. Participation in the intensive course is not mandatory, but permitted if you feel uncertain or if the Abitur was taken longer ago.

3.) Baccalaureate at Danish minority high schools (e.g. Duborg-Skolen/A.P. Møller)

This group of people does not have to attend the intensive course or take the test, but only upload the certificate in the form below.

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