Firsthand Reports

We have asked students and graduates of the Bachelor´s programme about their experiences with International Management. They talk about requirements, study contents, carrer opportunities and the social life in Flensburg.


Anna Trappe, Group Marketing Manager, KRM (ECCO Shoes Retail Europe)

Why should one decide to study International Management?

Because it offers a perfect combination between economics and intercultural communication. It is the best choice if you are looking for something more than the typical degree in business studies.

Daniel Pastoors, Account Strategist, Google Ireland

Was it difficult to apply for a job with a Bachelor´s degree?

Definitely not. During my job interviews, I never experienced a negative reaction. On the contrary, the more open I was about my decision, the more positive reactions I received.

Oliver Dannenberg, Director of New Business, RBC GmbH Hamburg

Did your Bachelor's programme prepare you sufficiently for the Master?

The Bachelor´s programme prepared me well. It teaches you the fundamentals in many fields, which serves as a solid basis for a more focused Master´s degree.

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