Specialization S2: Strategy & Organisation


The focus of Strategy & Organization is concerned primarily with issues of organizational design and strategy development. The focus is on corporate and competitive strategies as well as their analysis and development.

Competences and Fields of Activity

In the course of deepening the students are prepared for an occupation or leadership position in the field of strategic management and organizational management in (inter-)national companies.

It will provide the necessary tools and concepts taught to identify strenghts and weaknesses (eg. in the form of certain resources and capabilities) of their own company to systematize and to include in the strategy development.

Module Overview

  • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice (10 CP)
  • Management Strategischer Kooperationen und Unternehmensgrenzen (5 CP)
  • Organisationsgestaltung internationaler Unternehmen (5 CP)
  • Finance (5 CP)
  • Seminar on Industry Studies (5 CP)
  • International Business (5 CP)
  • Strategic Global Business I (5 CP)
  • Strategic Global Business II (5 CP)
  • Europe in the Global Economy (5 CP)
  • Distance Learning Project on Cooperation (5 CP)
  • Organisation (5 CP)
  • General Management (5 CP)
  • Strategie (5 CP)
  • Strategie und Organisation: aktuelle Themen aus der Praxis (5CP)
  • Forschungsseminar Strategie und Organisation (5 CP)

Eligible courses of theMaster's programme Cand. merc. int. of the Syddansk Universitet (take place in Sønderburg/DK, tuition for Non-EU-Citizens):

  • Comparative Economic Systems (10 CP)