Language Skills [10 CP]

In the area of Language Skills 10 CP are to be earned in total. The Spanish/Danish language immersion builds upon linguistic education within the Bachelor's programme International Management. You need a language level of B2. If you do not have this level, select English.

  • Spanish I (5 CP)
  • Spanish II (5 CP)
  • Danish I + II mündlich (10 CP)
  • Danish I + II schriftlich (5 CP)
  • English I (5 CP)
  • English II (5 CP)
  • English - Written Profiviency (5 CP) additional compulsory subject within the Master's programme Cand. merc. int. of the Syddansk Universitet (takes place in Sønderburg/DK, tuition for Non-EU-Citizens) For the Double Degree 15 CP are to be earned in the area of language skills.