Student Projects

Campuszeitung Flensburg

The CAMPUSZEITUNG is Flensburg's medium from students to students. Once initiated by a project at the IIM of the University of Flensburg, the CAMPUSZEITUNG is today fully independent, organized on a voluntary basis, nonpartisan and is aimed at all students of Flensburg's institutions of higher education.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! Flensburg e.V.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! Flensburg e.V. is part of a Germany-wide network which is joined by students in order to coach pupils from the secondary modern school during their last two school years. The objective is to extend perspectives, discover potentials, drum up enthusiasm, wake dreams and visions – and make them become true together. The cooperation of students, pupils and companies sustainably makes a contribution to more equal opportunities and educational justice in Germany.

Sneep ethics & economics

The student network for economic and corporate ethics is active throughout the whole of Germany and devotes itself to topics such as sustainable management and entrepreneurial responsibility. For making economic ethics tangible and accessible to as many persons as possible Flensburg regional group organizes various activities: from workshops, conferences and discussion groups to movie nights.

UNICEF Hochschulgruppe Flensburg

Associated with the Unicef working group Flensburg, the Unicef university group Flensburg constitutes part of the UN International Children's Emergency Fund. The members, students from both the University and the University of Applied Sciences, support the cause of children?s rights through the organization of fundraisers, information meetings, charity runs, information booths, student parties and much more. 

Model United Nations Associations

Model United Nations is a worldwide initiative, simulating the work of the United Nations (UN).

For this purpose, conferences, such as OstseeMUN, are held whose structure reproduces that of UN conferences.

Young European Federalists

The Young European Federalists are a nonpartisan youth movement that has been advocating for a united Europe since 1949.

The international youth league has more than 25,000 members in more than 30 countries in total.

Campus Marketing Flensburg

Campus Marketing Flensburg is a young student marketing agency in the form of a non-profit organization with currently 20 actively involved students. The organization is committed to supporting the marketing for Flensburg's institutions of higher education and to expand its scope with its own projects.