"Together across borders" - Germany and Denmark celebrate the 100th anniversary of border demarcation

The year 2020 in Schleswig-Holstein and southern Denmark was marked by the 100th anniversary of the border demarcation between Denmark and Germany.

In 1920, a referendum was held to decide on the state affiliation of Schleswig and, as a result, the current border between the two neighboring states was determined.

Germany and Denmark have declared the year 2020 a year of cultural friendship and are accompanying this with numerous events - the European University Flensburg and the International Institute for Management and Economic Education are also contributing to this.

For almost three decades, our International Management Study Programs have shown how a living cooperation between German and Danish partners can look like. The IIM takes this special cooperation into account with various activities. Among others, the 100th anniversary of the German-Danish referendum on border demarcation and the related relations between Denmark and Germany will be thematically integrated into courses in the fall semester 2019 and spring semester 2020.

The Covid 19 pandemic and related measures such as the change of courses from face-to-face to online teaching and the cancellation of larger events has thrown the planning into disarray at various points and thwarted some ideas - others, however, could be adapted and implemented under the new conditions.

Here we will keep you informed about all activities of the IIM regarding the anniversary celebrations.

For more information on the festivities, please visit the homepages of www.gemeinsam-ueber-grenzen.de and https://genforeningen2020.dk

Events at the IIM within the framework of the Border Anniversary 2020

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